ESG and Climate-Smart Financing Seminar

Join us at the ESG and Climate-Smart Financing Seminar, where we delve into the crucial topics of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, as well as sustainable and climate-smart financing. This seminar offers a unique opportunity to gain insights from industry experts, learn about the latest trends and innovations in ESG, and explore strategies for integrating sustainability into financial decision-making.

  • Dates: 15th – 16th August 2023
  • Time: 8 am – 5 pm (EAT)
  • Venue: The Emory Hotel, Kileleshwa
  • Charges: Kshs 38,000
  • 17th August 2023 – Field tour of Green Financing Project

Why attend?

During this workshop, we will delve deeply into the various aspects contributing to a project being considered “green.” Our discussions will encompass the identification and definition of green projects, the methodologies employed to measure their environmental impact, the mechanisms for effectively tracking their progress, and the appropriate reporting procedures required to maintain green financing. Additionally, the workshop will provide valuable insights into leveraging credit guarantees in Green Financing.

The primary focus will revolve around gaining a comprehensive understanding of defining, measuring, tracking, and reporting on green projects, as well as exploring the potential benefits and strategies associated with credit guarantees. Furthermore, the training program will encompass three prominent sectors: Manufacturing and the Agriculture Value chain. The course will draw on real-life examples and actual case studies of green certification and green reporting given by Kenyan businesses to bring sustainable finance to life.

Training Outcomes

  1. Increase the size and quality of your green loan portfolio
  2. Incorporate ESG into your risk reporting framework
  3. Stay ahead of ESG regulatory requirements.

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Payment details

Charges: Kshs 38,000

Payable via Mpesa

    • Paybill No: 880100
    • Account No: 3600030129

Or bank transfer

    • Bank Name: NCBA Bank (K) Ltd
    • Account Name: Lattice Consulting Limited
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Limited slots are available.

For any inquiries, contact +254700511013 or

We will answer the following questions:


What makes a project eligible for green financing?

  • Parameters/characteristics/criteria that make a funding project green.
  • The process of green certification
  • Requirements for maintaining the status of a green project

How do you organize green finance?

  • Collecting information during origination
  • Verification of a green project
  • Appraising of green loans
  • Approval of green loans
  • Reporting and maintenance of green loans

How do you engage with green finance partners?

  • Players in ESG finance: IFC, AfDB, World Bank, UN Global Compact
  • Credit Guarantees
  • Carbon Credits
  • Regulators
  • Industry Associations e.g., KBA

Case Studies

  • Manufacturing Value Chain
  • Agricultural Value Chain
  • Others e.g., Logistics

Years Experience


Clients Trained


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